2014 – 2015 Honda Accord Improves Technology and System

2015 Honda Accord gets improvement on body colors and boosts, alloy wheels. The important is this ca will be simpler and more compact than previous model. There are three models for this car models, such as sedan, coupe and hybrid. The coupe model will exactly larger than sedan and the hybrid will be much more interesting taking buyers’ attention.

2015 Honda Accord exterior changes happened on new headlamps LED, modern new wheels, redesigned new bumper and also rear spoiler. Further, there the new bonnet is made of aluminum to reduce this car’s weight. Those exterior changes are the part of positive point for the company to gain more buyers for this model. Furthermore, for interior area, it will be such comfortable new seats completed with high quality of soft materials. The equipment actually depends on what you want inside your car even though this equipment will get more advanced than the previous version.

In addition, 2015 Honda Accord interior standard feature will get dual zone automatic climate control, cruise control, camera in rear view mirrors, Bluetooth, USB port, navigation system, 8 inch screen, collision warning, blind spot monitor, air. There are some more interior features that you can from this car such as Crisp LED front light, world panoramic music interface, etc.

10 Photos of the 2014 – 2015 Honda Accord Improves Technology and System

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