2014 – 2015 Acura NSX as the Expression of Man-Machine Synergy

2015 Acura NSX is great product of Japanese quality. Since 1991, this NSX being the car production with the presence of four channel ABS, titanium con-rods and electric power steering. On the year of 2005, V10 engine is presented with Acura design of Advance Sport Car Concept. While for the year of 2015, this new NSX will get Vv6 engine complete with titanium connecting rods coupled to a wet twin-clutch seven-speed transmission and hybridized with electric motors driving for rear wheels.

For the front wheels, we can find two more electric motors spin with it and will provide this 2015 Acura NSX torque-vectoring under acceleration and braking to help the NSX for better handling when turning into corner on every different condition. Furthermore, you can find Sport hybrid AWD system to deliver big V8 performance with better four-cylinder fuel economy technology.

The CEO of Takanabu Ito Honda’s global said that this 2015 Acura NSX will still be made from aluminum body with drive train mass as the main feature. This consideration expectedly will make this car far better than the previous model. for the new dimension, this car has 3.7 inch shorter length and 1.8 inch longer wheelbase. There is also 3.3 inch wider and 0.4 inch lower than 2005 version. The main thing, this car will be such a luxury vehicle with performance as the main point for sport vehicle

8 Photos of the 2014 – 2015 Acura NSX as the Expression of Man-Machine Synergy

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